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Cohabitation, Unwed Property Purchase

So, you’ve decided to buy a house together but you aren’t married. What now?

You’re in a stable relationship. You think of your significant other as a partner in life. You two decide to buy a house together but aren’t formally married or in a civil union. Neither are you holding yourself out as being married or in a civil union. Things are great… until they aren’t.

Unfortunately, relationships do not always go as planned and when they end, things can get messy. Who gets to keep the 70” flat screen tv you two bought at last year’s Black Friday sale? What about the dog? If you’ve purchased a house or condo together, now what?

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Welcome Courtney (Gilbert) Edwards to Vail Valley Law

There’s a new lawyer in town… well kind of.

An introduction from Courtney (Gilbert) Edwards, Carlson & Carlson’s principal attorney in the Vail Valley.

I get told all the time, “You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?” I think this is because I have a familiar face. But, if I am hearing this from someone in Vail, Edwards, or Eagle, I ask back, “Have you been called for jury duty recently?” I ask this because I spent the past almost four years working as a Deputy District Attorney in Eagle County, Colorado. This was my first job out of law school and it was a privilege to serve my community in that role. As a new lawyer, I learned a lot by being one of the prosecuting attorneys for Eagle County. It was tough, and there were long hours but there were also perks. One of those perks was getting to know the members of our community- whether it was because someone had had a lapse of judgment and broke a law or whether it was because you had been called to perform your civic duty of being a juror in a criminal trial.

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Amy Purdy guest speaker at Annual Chamber COO Breakfast

Attending Annual COO Breakfast, traditional kickoff of the ski season with new videos and speeches by the heads of the four ski areas. (Yes snowmaking visible on the mountains this morning). Keynote speaker was the inspiring Amy Purdy of Adaptive Action Sports.  Lost both legs below the knees at 19.  Found all existing prosthetics clunky. Beat depression, designed her own new legs that allowed her to do all her old activities including snowboarding and founded a company that designs prosthetics for wounded warriors and other. Famous for her Ted Talk and Oprah appearance.  Her book proceeds go to support her charitable work.

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