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New Year, New Judges

The start of 2019 brings with it two new judges to the District Court bench in the Fifth Judicial District which encompasses Clear Creek County, Summit County, Lake County, and Eagle County. Catherine Cheroutes of Cheroutes Zweig in Breckenridge was chosen to fill Judge Wayne Patton’s seat in Clear Creek and Lake counties, and Reed Owens, formerly with the Public Defender’s Office in Dillon, CO, was chosen to fill Judge Fred Gannett’s seat in Eagle County.

You might be wondering, what does this mean for me and my case?

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Civil unions now a reality in Colorado

On May 1, 2013, civil unions became legal in the state of Colorado. According to a Denver Post article, as of June 1, hundreds of licenses had been issued for couples entering into civil unions, including 124 in Boulder County and 326 in Denver. Although the law specifically states that civil unions are not the same as marriage and that the recognition of civil unions "does not alter the public policy of the state, which recognizes only the union of a man and a woman as a marriage," there are many benefits accruing to partners in a civil union that mirror those of spouses in a marriage.

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Common reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement

Many people first hear of prenuptial agreements in media reports about celebrity divorces. Prenuptial agreements are, however, not only for the rich and famous, but can also be something that those in all walks of life should consider before getting married.

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Take time to learn to co-parent effectively with your former spouse

Have you and your significant other decided it is time to end your marriage? Are you feeling somewhat overwhelmed by what this decision entails and how it will affect your children? In such situations, when a couple decides to divorce, it can be difficult to adjust to the new parenting demands.

Consequently, when divorcing, it is wise to entrust the legal aspects of the split to a skilled attorney and to focus on navigating through the transition with your ex and children.

Parents can take a number of steps to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for their children. Taking a moment to review some helpful guidelines can ensure both spouses are well prepared to co-parent.

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